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Major Arcana

The Emperor



Mar 21 - Apr 19

Key Words

Mar 21 - Apr 19

Card Interpretation

Tactful, cooperative, romantic, fickle, lazy, extravagant, gracious, gullible, dependent, charming, sympathetic, partnership-oriented, people person, self-indulgent, social, idealistic, easily influenced, fair, indecisive

About the Zodiac Sign Cards

These cards will most often speak about an individual - whether it is the querent themselves or someone they are dealing with. These cards can also speak of personality types and attitudes. Whilst each person has a Zodiac sign they are born under (the Sun sign) - it is important to note that everyone has the ability to embody all 12 signs. Therefore, if a Zodiac Sign card shows up in a reading - it is important to consider the energy of said sign, instead of solely focusing on the sign itself. (For example: Simply because you pulled out the card for Cancer - does not mean you are dealing with a person who is born under the sign of Cancer. It most likely means that you are dealing with someone who is being compassionate yet guarded.)

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