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The Astrological divination deck you didn't know you needed!


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What inspired Cosmic Consequence?

Waite and Smith managed to revolutionise Tarot by drawing from the modernity of their time, and to this day, The Rider Waite Smith Deck is still seen as the standard in Tarot communities. The modernity and inspiration they drew from was in 1909. Now, in 2021 - I do not think I am exaggerating when I say that a lot has changed.

The objective of this project was to create a tool which people can use to predict, dissect, analyse and spiritually reflect on themselves and their daily circumstances. Astrology provides the structure and definitions of the cards; and the imagery represents these definitions by showcasing modern themes in order to be relatable in the 21st century.

What is Cosmic Consequence?


Cosmic Consequence is a 64 card divination deck.

With a foundation based on Astrology, the deck is sectioned into three groups: Zodiac Signs (12 cards), Astrological Houses (12 cards) and Planets (40 cards). The Planet cards are divided into four suits, which represent the astrological elements of Fire, Water, Air & Earth. Each elements/suit has a card for each planet (ex. Mars in fire, Mars in air, Mars in water, Mars in earth. Jupiter in fire, Jupiter in water, Jupiter in air, Jupiter in earth and so on..)

There is one additional card in the deck containing a QR code which leads to descriptions and interpretations of each card to help you decipher your reading. 

All cards have been digitally illustrated and printed in full colour for a vibrant finish.

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